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Now, I have a challenge. I wouldn't call it tough. It is time-bound.

Creating utopia is a both man's and woman's dream. The only difference is, the man starts thinking about the implying imperfections despite the fact that he, too is willing to give in his best for the perfect world. The woman, on the other hand, lives in the present tense and is constantly irritated by the alleged foresight of man. Whether this may or may not lead to a disruption, that only time can tell. But for man, there is nothing important than a woman who understands his dream and pushes him to go further and further. Such are relationships, and to give them a worldly name would be unjust.

It's weird. The man, in constant effort of finishing the challenge, tries hard and hard and hard. Soon, the fear of failure creeps in. But what is he afraid of? Is he afraid of failure? Why would he be? Because he hurt his ego? Or because he lost?

The reason of the fear cannot be known until the outcome of the …
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5th August -> 21st December.Four and a Half months since I wrote my last post.

People (including me) consider that people blog when they feel lonely, and particularly bloggers are humans that feel an urge to express but can't freely do it in the real world.

Anyway, there's always a reason for everything in life. It's just the curiosity of knowing the reason that kills an individual. If I get going to find out reasons to all things that I worry about, I'll be worried forever. The reason why I am writing today's post is because I need to express myself and I don't know whom to tell.

I want to say a lot of things but I have promises to keep, which keeps my lips sealed.
Awkward, isn't it? I'm writing about my inability to write certain things. But no man is handicap enough to be unable to express: It's just self control.

What is life without competition? And competition especially when you start feeling you're the only king of your dream world! Wha…

About Me [05/08/2009]


Did you ever know?

It's just a pin-prick, and it feels just like you go to the doctor to kick your sickness away. Remember the long syringe and the needle tip lubricated by the inside fluids? It didn't take more than seconds to inject all the semi-transparent liquid into your veins.

Aaaaah! you cried...
But the next day you were thankful. Because, the big pain was gone...

Such is life... if you feel sad for a moment, just resist...

About Me: 23/07/09

“Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words.”

It's so simple, shaking off the pressure - Just take the bottle, fill the glass, drink it, and then spit it away swearing for the last person you thought of before putting the glass to the mouth... [;)]

Try this, you'd feel better...

*[i]conditions apply[/i]

*[i]Bottle must not contain alcoholic drink.[/i]


I saw this movie, Lakshya today.My friend recommended this film to me way back in 2005. I didn’t pay much heed. But I liked the songs, used to listen to them when I was low.However, following my urge to watch it, I finished the act today. It took 24 years for him to realise. Well, I am 24. And I just realised that same thing, and then the film showed me that what I realised was is correct.I don’t know if it is the film’s effect but I feel I am in a similar situation: I have a faint idea of my aim, I have made some decisions, and (don’t know how to write this, let’s put it straight…) the girl I like has told that she’s got no time to talk to me anymore. It’s high time that I act. People fall in love at all wrong times when they can not afford the comfort and love that their soul mates deserve. And then there’s a break up. I don’t know if I’d get to meet her after this, but I am working on a project that will take me to a great height. I just want to reach that place and call her and t…


Calvin:     I don’t understand it, Hobbes. The kids teased me when I wouldn’t play baseball. Then they yelled at
me when I did play. Then the teacher called me a “quitter” when I stopped playing. Unless you’re a
star you can’t please anyone.
Hobbes:   In that case, why not just please yourself?
Calvin:     Because Mom won’t let me move to Madagascar.
I don’t like what we are doing sometimes because I am forced to do so without a logical satisfaction. I pledge, I’ll never do this kinda’ stuff again!


Life seems like being caught in a Do While loop. The escape condition is not getting satisfied.Don’t know how many iterations left yet.Good if I had kept a “count++” in the “do” block. I return to this blog only when I don’t have any place to express my self.This may seem selfish. Who isn’t selfish, anyway?What has happened to the creative writer? He has lost his skills. Nah, he has just lost his concentration. He did what his mind told him to do. He lost control over his mind and let his body freely obey it.But now it’s over. From tonight, this geek is on a special diet: The diet for the brain. Just a bit of self control. No more throwing away actions. No more doing-as-I-like. Just me.Me, me and me.And me, too!Let the loop iterate. Let the world see a butterfly out of the pupae. Let there be light.